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Platform Development
What is the NGOs Accountability For?

The question emerged in FGD under title Accountability in Humanitarian Fund Management held in Muhammadiyah building Jakarta. Actually, the issues of accountability occur since long time ago, but the concern in that issues whether from government, NGO and Beneficiaries in Indonesia has been deficient


HFI and UNESCO present PDATES: Continuing Teaching and Learning in Emergency Situations

After working together intensively for more than four months, finally HFI and UNESCO have finished creating PDATES: the Preparedness Disaster Assessment Tool in Education Sector. PDATES is a device to assess the damage caused by disaster to the ability to provide education. It takes the form of a guidebook which helps measure damage in education facilities and offers proposals to make the teaching and learning process run as well even in emergency situation


Launching of National Action Plan for Disaster Risk Reduction

As the country conducted by thousand islands, Indonesia well known prone to disaster. So many disasters are treat Indonesia such as Earthquakes, landslides, floods, volcano eruptions, tsunamis and otherwise. The disaster has caused many looses both materials and loosing lives. For example, As the rainy season in this time, so many area submerged by flood and attacked by landslides. Even in Jakarta as capital city, flood has made peoples in misery and has been life in emergency camps


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