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Communication and Information System Development
Merapi Eruption Situation Report Part I

Mount Merapi is a strato-typed volcano with 2980 metres high above the sea. It is located geographically on the position of 7'176; 32'30" South Latitude and 110'176; 26'30" East Longitude. Located administratively at 4 districts; Sleman district, Magelang district, Boyolali district and Klaten district


Merapi Volcono Eruption Situation Report Part 4

Merapi eruption occur for umpteenth time at 10.00 AM. Monday (1/10/2010), this is the biggest explosion even Happen since the first at 26 October 2010. the cloud heat covered Merapi and Merbabu views ( cited from The eruption lead toward north and south east part and brought the cloud heat seen more jet black than usual which has made the civilian in Klaten and Boyolali also the people whose live in evacuation camps extremely getting panic


Responds and  coordination for West Java Earthquake

On 2 September 2009, Earthquake with 7,3 on richter scale hit West Java. The earthquake epicenter located at 142 km West North of Tasikmalaya city. Many activities through coordination had done. To respond that disaster HFI have got coordination with it all members to do some quick action in helping and giving hand for civilian victims


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