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West Papua Flash Flood Situation Report Part III

West Papua Flash Flood Situation Report Part III

Information that were collected on field until Sunday, October 10th 2010: bad weather still happened in Wasior, even half of IDP’s tents submerged by pool of water because rain fell since early morning until evening. Clean water supply were already available, but it is still limited, where IDP still had problem with getting latrine access.

This condition were slow, even would be directly affected with the health of IDPs. Affected areas that have been damaged due to flash flood including 5 districts in Wondama Bay district i.e. Wasior, Waskam, Rado, Manggurai and Snadui, while village area including; Wasior I, Wasior II, Rado, Moru, Maniwak, Manggurai, Wondamawi and Sandiboy. Wasior district capital have been damaged to 80 percents. Until this time, the activity of community still having paralyzed. Electricity infrastructure network paralyzed completely, so in the night, Wasior city still in the dark.

Until this report published, cited informations from several sources; total victims until today identified 144 people, and lost victims are 123 people. Kompas newspaper reports today President SBY will hold a limited meeting, and will listen reports from Coordinator Minister of Community Welfare (Menkokesra) in Wasior. President’s visit to observe disaster location, scheduled on Wednesday (Oct 13rd), that canceled on Sunday (Oct 10th) ago.

Today, HFI, YTBI, with Papua Caucus (Parliament Members Papua Origin), Save The Children and some other humanitarian agencies hold coordination meeting. In the meeting, findings that said by Mr. Diaz Gwijangge (Papua Caucus) in joint visit with Coordinator Minister of Welfare Community (Menkokesra) and 3 ministers on October 8th-9th 2010 are:
Total of recorded IDP until October 9th 2010 are 4.375 people scattered on 5 evacuation points i.e.:

  • Manokwari 1859 people
  • Nabire 233 people.
  • Wasior 2000 people.


That total not included hospitalized victims and victims treated at home. Health: Medical and paramedical professionals. According to observation, very lack of medical teams or doctors in serving victims from minor injuries to major injuries. It increased sufferness of survivors.

Specialists are needed, like: …

  • particularly for expectants/breastfeeding mothers, and post trauma counselor.
  • Medical team or general doctor and nurse are available only a little bit in Manokwari district and Nabire. On evacuation locations, treatment services are not available yet for survivors. Even local hospital urgently needs those specialists, especially in Wasior, have problem of lack of doctor, nurse and drugs.

    Emergency medical services: Emergency health services are minimum, so the local government ordered to send specialists as listed above. It is important to open health posts in evacuation centers, particularly to help kids/toddlers and expectants/breastfeeding mothers.

    Hospital couldn’t do surgery yet to manage victims from major injuries, only initial treatments were given, so surgery doctor and his paramedicals are needed.


    • Drugs: (lists are attached).
    • Equipment: Medical and paramedical team has to equip by standard tools, so can immediately conduct intervention, especially in Wasior and Manokwari.
    • Food Items dan Non Food Items: IDPs’ condition in evacuation points are variety.

      Wasior; the most affected area and its access still not opened, only few IDP’s tents and 1 public kitchen. Manokwari; tents are already adequate and 1 public kitchen available. Nabire; total of IDP not too much.

      Main needs which not available yet are:
      Clean clothes;
      Blankets; Tents for Wasior;
      Plates/glasses/spoons/thermos, etc;
      Daily needs such as: toothbrush/toothpaste/blanket/soap/shampoo/sandal/comb/etc;
      Food stocks that already running low.
      Special needs: Milk for kids 0-6 months old; Milk for kids 5-10 years old
      Milk/food supplement for expectant and breastfeeding mothers;
      Children foods for 0-3 years old;
      Women underwear and women special needs;
      Clothes for babies and children;
      Psychosocial activities;
      Religious services.
      Clean water and sanitation.

      Clean water became main problem in evacuation, especially in Wasior having clean water problems because that area still not recovered yet and its stinks more, clean water installation were broken, while delivery from the outside was getting problem.

      Sanitation were basic needs for IDPs for medium-term long. It has to do working together with local government. Initial solution is build clean water facilities and emergency latrines. Service for IDPs: Build post to serve IDPs such as: Regular health services; Psychosocial activities for kids and families from trauma; Communication services to find lost familily members of survivors; Monitoring emergency aid activities and data collecting about needs and problems on the field, especially about transportasi and aid distribution.

      Muhammadiyah Disaster Management Center (LPBM/MDMC). Medical team from Lamongan and Bantul already departed this morning at 06.00 WIB from Juanda. They informed already transitted in Makassar at 08.30 WIT. Planned to landing in Manokwari at 01.15 WIT. Muhammadiyah post in Manokwari were ready to fetch them at the airport and provide one house for their staying.

      Muhammadiyah post in Manokwari Muhammadiyah STKIP residence informed this morning need to consider about maximizing aid to evacuation post in Korem field, Manokwari because about 2000 from 6000 Wasior people has already evacuated to Manokwari. Urgent needs are command tents, clothes, foods, mineral water, baby milks, sanitary napkins, latrines and health services. Proper clothes were needed, while foods were purchasable there.

      Travel to Wasior from Manokwari were still considered. It depended on assessment from dr. Corona and friends. Recent problems were health team must be sent from outside of Papua. The health service format still waited from the first team’s assessment results which is landed in Manokwari today. But the problem is high cost must be paid to send medical team off from Java.

      Manokwari Muhammadiyah post were providing psychosocial services for IDP in Manokwari by involving college students from Manokwari Muhammadiyah STKIP. Yayasan Tanggul Bencana Indonesia (YTBI). YTBI together with Papua Caucus today would hold a meeting involved HFI and Save The Children in disaster response in Papua.

      Dompet Dhuafa. Dark clouds were still covered up Wasior district, West Papua. Heavy rain also still flushed the location. Sunday (Oct 10th) at 11.00 local time, planned to conduct large-scale evacuation of Wasior people to Manokwari by boarded a ship, as informed from Robi, DMC Dompet Dhuafa field coordinator.

      "According to Muspida meeting last night, big ship will moor to evacuate Wasior people whom still survive since flash flood on Oct 4th", said Robi this morning.

      Since Friday Oct 6th Dompet Dhuafa has opened public kitchen for IDP in Wasior Kota district Al-Falah mosque. According to Robi, 41 people had food problem since that. DMC-DD succeed to get foodstuffs from next village which not affected by flash flood. Even had to pass very mudded road, foodstuffs and limited kerosene were able to get there. "Our kerosene supply was only 20 litres left over", said Robi accompanied by 2 member of SAR and one medical team there.

      With assistance from 6 local volunteers, DMC-DD still sprayed desinfectants on location until now. While, four other team member are assisting evacuation in Manokwari and standing by for the arrival of IDP today in Wasior and Nabire. "It is informed that there will be evacuation from Nabire to Manokwari", said Robi.

      YAKKUM Emergency Unit - YEU responds are focusing in IDP’s management in Manokwari and already distributed special foods for kids and babies. Respond coordination are focused on health service in Manokwari evacuation camp. YEU also coordinated with Disaster Response Forum in Manokwari in conducting assessment in Wasior.

      Urgent needs in Wasior now are women clothes, child clothes, sarongs, blanket, mineral water, body bags and masks. Chief of Province BPBD (Mr. Derek Apner) has already in Wondama Bay/Wasior. According to information from Chief of BPBD about urgent needs are baby foods, cough medicines, headache medicines, embrocation, sanitary napkins and underwear for postpartum mothers.

      Contact person for YAKKUM team especially in Manokwari: Lamhot Sinaga (YEU staff in Manokwari): Mobile phone: +62 852 7760 6814 E-mail: sin_lamhot@yahoo.com. Karina - Karina with St. Agustinus Parish agreed to form Manokwari Care for Wasior TPW and build 2 main posts i.e. Manokwari post (St. Agustinus Parish Presbytery) and Wasior post (Stasi Laurentius Presbytery). Wasior post collected data, verificated, prepared stockroom and aid distribution.

      Today, Wasior post team are studying and verificating yesterday data got in 3 districts: Wasior, Wandiboi and Rasiei. Karina have planned to distribute in Wasior district. according to Wasior post coordination meeting, trauma healing are necessary. Based on observation and interview survivors in Wasior, they need areca nut and whiting.


      Wasior post already received aids from Nabire coordinated by Priest Mardi. Posko Wasior telah menerima bantuan dari Nabire yang dikoordinasikan oleh Romo Mardi. This time, that aids have been selected and in packing process based on need and verificated data. Foodstuff packages are planned to distribute to 209 househoulds in Wasior Kota village and Waskam. Wasior post coordinated aids, prepared stockroom and logistics and transportation will be distributed to Wondama Bay. On Sunday night, aids were brought out to Wasior airport. The aids are 300 packets of hygiene kit, blankets, sarongs, buckets, carpentry tools, mats, drugs, foodstuffs, and areca nut-whitting.


      Based on West Papua Province main post demand, because of limited tarpaulin in evacuation. Manokwari post already distributed 4 bale tarps (contented with 100 units of tarp). On Monday (October 11th) Mgr. Datus Lega are planned to visit evacuation post in military district command field.
      - Tonight, representative from Karina are following coordination with agencies participated on Wasior disaster response.

      Contact Person: Muhammadiyah Disaster Management Center (LPBM/MDMC), Budi Santosa + 62 856 4386 7371; Indrayanto + 62 815 6848 3777; Karina KWI, Priest M Puji Harsono, Pr. St. Agustinus Parish, Jl. Brawijaya 40, Manokwari, Phone: 0986 - 211078, fax 0986 - 6215062, Mobile phone: 081344720779; Aribowo Nugroho: 081804053184; Dian Lestariningsih: 0817272956 / 0811256703; Priest Albertus Mardi Santosa, SJ; Principal of Adi Luhur Senior High School, Nabire School address: Jl. Merdeka (tlp 0984 - 21910); House address: Jl. Jend. Sudirman (Phone 0984 - 21483, fax 0984 - 23172); Phone number : +62 852 2817 5009, email : mardisantosa@jesuits.net.

      Dompet Dhuafa, M Arifin Purwakananta + 62 818 152 007, purwakananta@dompetdhuafa.or.id; Fikri + 62 817 074 2004; Yakkum Emergency Unit, Lamhot Sinaga + 085277606814 sin_lamhot@yahoo.com; Robby Reppa + 62 8112512251 robby@yeu.or.id; Dita Novirani (Information and Communications – YEU) +62 813 2846 3384 .

      Indonesian Disaster Management Foundation (YTBI), Lilly Danes +62 81315561293, lillydaneshd@yahoo.com; Humanitarian Forum Indonesia, Surya Rahman M + 62 813 6046 9344, surya.rahman.muhammad@gmail.com


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