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Merapi Volcono Eruption Situation Report Part 4

Merapi Volcono Eruption Situation Report Part 4

Merapi eruption occur for umpteenth time at 10.00 AM. Monday (1/10/2010), this is the biggest explosion even Happen since the first at 26 October 2010. the cloud heat covered Merapi and Merbabu views ( cited from detik.com). The eruption lead toward north and south east part and brought the cloud heat seen more jet black than usual which has made the civilian in Klaten and Boyolali also the people whose live in evacuation camps extremely getting panic. "Ashes rain" also happened in southeast Merapi and until reach Solo.

Previously, the big eruption also happened at late night of Saturday (30/10), it covered Yogyakarta City with the ashes but the wind blow also make the ashes reach Bantul district and Gunung Kidul. Consequently, the view distant only a few meters and has made the flight line to Yogyakarta closed off.

Potential Risk/Impact. Cited from YEU, 40.000 people about 10 Km zone form central eruption in 4 districts such as Klaten, Sleman, Magelang, and Boyolali evacuated at the save places. The most required aids for the refuges is Masker, wears, and food for baby, sanitary napkins and other. Required Advocacy. Enhancement of Coordination among government, Humanitarian agencies, community leaders.

Coordination among Health Agencies with the relevant parties in Merapi emergency respond to prevent serious problem for refuges during the eruption. In Kabupaten Sleman, there is a base command in sub-district Pakem dan 8 evacuation location cover; Kepuharjo, Umbulharjo, Wonokerto, Glagaharjo, Purwobinangun, Hargobinangun, Wukirsari, dan Disaster Oasis- under coordination of Hargobinangun autorithy.

There is lack of attention for refuges in Wukirsari, Wonokerto, dan barrack Purwobinangun. Masker that distributed to the civilian expected has the high quality to reduce the worst impact to civil health. Data of Refuges per 31Oktober 2010 / 20.30 WIB (Kab. Sleman).


Elderly toddler Children Pregnant Baby Disability: (1) KEPUHARJO 1527 1329 (2) GLAGAHARJO 1564 1553 (3) UMBULHARJO 1401 0 (4) PURWOBINANGUN 4569 2650 (5) HARGOBINANGUN 2302 4838 (6) SD PANDANPURO 450 (7) WONOKERTO 1635 220 122 246 12 5 608 1813 (8) GIRIKERTO 583 91 52 133 4 9 3 733 1088 (9) WUKIRSARI 2632 (10) SD KIARAN I 775 (11) Pengungsi Mandiri 1922 13581 19050

Humanitarian Needs and Response Lembaga Penanggulangan Bencana Muhammadiyah (LPBM/MDMC). Information cited from SMS (31/10) : MDMC Medical team served 1255 patient consist of: Infection respiratory tract (ISPA), shortness of breath, Diarrhea, eye Irritation, fatigue and stress.

Per/Friday 29 October 2010


  • We always give a knowledge around Merapi character for the volunteer regarding threat and risk that possibly occur as we did to PKU Muhammadiyah, Temanggung, and Sruweng Kebumen. This is to anticipate the unexpected problem due to lack of information of Merapi situation for the volunteers.



  • Muhammadiyah Medical team will be replace with PKU Muhammadiyah Singkil dan Purworejo. Before they performs the works in Emergency respond they will through the replacement of information as their colleagues did before. This two of team will service the people with car health in 3 Sub district in Magelang especially in Srumbung.



  • Our children centre teams are being prepared. Together with Ikatan Mahasiswa Muhammadiyah (IMM) from Muhammadiyah University of Magelang dan Nasyiatul Aisyiah (NA) kab. Magelang we make the potential map. Also we held the coordination meeting with command base of Talun Vilage, Banyudono, the sub district of Dukun in Saturday (30/10) /10.00 WIB.



  • Saturday (30/10) we had distributed the aids particularly milk for the toddler with the car health. The other aid distribution we leaved to SAR KOKAM ( rescue and security team of Muhammadiyah) in every villages.



  • 21 staff of KOKAM (Kemanan Muhammadiyah) Piyungan Yogyakarta take part on action in Command base of Talun like they did before in Yogyakarta quake 2006. they distributed 900 portion of rice for the refuges in Ngadipuro dan Banyudono Barac.



  • We also encourage the region board of Aisyiah (PWA) Jateng/central java, to give more attention and services for the vulnerable groups. The dead of Ilham, toddler 2 months olds because of ash rain fall in to his head, noose and mouth, without any protection has give the concern for us to give more protection for the vulnerable groups.



  • In the meeting of Magelang Region board of Muhammadiyah we present the result of field analyzing accompanied with analyzing of the disaster risk of Merapi eruption and the last up date of Merapi situation. Also we talk about the emergency respond plan for 14 days that started since t 26 October. We propose the contingency plan and rehabilitation and reconstruction particularly on rescue the asset of Merapi people. Magelang Region Board of Muhammadiyah give us the invitation to attend the Tuesday routine meeting at 2 November to engage the rescue of Muhammadiyah asset in Yogyakarta during Merapi eruption.



  • Central java Region board Muhammadiyah open the account of "peduli merapi" with address BNI SYARI'AH SEMARANG NO REKENING 0104554622 on behalf bapak MUSMAN THOLIB.


Karina- Keuskupan Agung Semarang (KAS) Per 28 October 2010. KARINA KAS region cover: Paroki Pakem, Kec. Pakem, Kab. Sleman, DIY, Paroki Somohitan, Kec. Turi, Kab. Sleman, DIY. Paroki Sumber, Kec. Dukun, Kab. Magelang, Jateng. KARINAKAS get cooperation with aid central bases that based on three Paroki are : Pakem, Somohitan, dan Sumber.


  • Afternoon (28/10), KARINAKAS distribute 300 cooked rice to central base Paroki of Sumber, and 100 other to Somohitan and 200 to Pakem.



  • All needs that identified at last Strep several days ago has been fulfilled, even though, with limited number 3.2000 blankets and 2000 sarongs from CRS has arrived (28/10) at 10.00 WIB meanwhile this afternoon,KARINAKAS team take 800 terpauline from CRS warehouse in Semarang.




    • 4. the most urgent needs for the refuges is Masker, eyedrop, and cough and respiratory tract. The masker that has given can take it to last any longer, therefore the demanding is growing up.<br />5. from Paroki Central Base of Somohitan (27/10):<br />affected number of population :<br /> children < 12 years old : 2.700 <br />  adult (including pregnant) : 3.700. <br /> the resident in KRB III has evacuated to barrack in Wonokarto, Jambusari, Girikerto, Tanggung, Tawangrejo & Purbobinangun. Aid Distribution lane direct toward to central base Somohitan or through central base Purbobinangun, kec. Pakem.<br />6. From Paroki central base of Pakem (27/10):<br /> Central base supported by Paroki of Pakem : Central base of Hargobinangun, central base of Cangkringan, central nase of Kaliurang.<br /> Panti Nugroho give their health services for Paroki central base of Pakem. Meanwhile to invest medical needs still wait the assessment from doctors tem Panti Nugroho Hospital.<br /> Logistic stock was run out to distributed for 3 central bases.<br /><br />7. Data of refuges from the Hargobinangun central base:<br /> - Kaliurang Timur : 1.167 person<br /> - Kaliurang Barat : 1.350 person<br /> - Ngipiksari : 943 person<br /> - Boyong : 778 person<br /> - Banteng : 300 person<br /><br /> --------------------------------- + <br /> 4.538 person<br /> That are Including 500 tolddler.<br />8. Army Public Kitchen has been active in Hargobinangun central base.<br />9. the most urgent needs: masker, blanket, sarongs, towels, sanitary napkin, pampers, fast food, side dishes, public toilet facilities.<br />10. Paroki Sumber has not been give detail update yet : <br />Information from Rm. V. Kirdjito, Pr: Paroki Sumber handled youth and the healthy people whose doesn’t evacuate their self. The number of those people up to 27/10 22.03 about + 1.500 person. Rice cooked for them would be supported from paroki of Mertoyudan, Muntilan & Magelang until l 29/10/2010.<br /><br />AVAILABILITY LOGISTIC OF KARINAKAS<br />No. Types of Goods Balance<br /> 28 October<br /> Qty Unit<br />1 Instant Noodle <br />2 Biscuit 14 Pcs 4 Box<br />3 Mineral water 87 Box<br />4 Mosquito repellent 18 Box<br />5 Milk kids /adult 2 <br />6 Masker 11000 <br />7 Eyedrops 532 <br />8 Cough medicine (OBH) 575 <br />9 Coffee 500 <br />10 Tea 10 <br />11 Milk for toddler 0 <br />12 Blanket 2100 <br />13 Pan 12 <br />14 Cormorant 24 <br />15 Frying pan 5 <br />16 Stove 18 <br />17 Sarong 2000 Sheet<br />18 Mat 24 Sheet<br />19 Carpet 6 Sheet<br />20 Rice 500 Kg<br />21 Sugar 2 Sack<br />22 Soft drink 4 Box<br />23 erlamicetin TM 10 <br />24 Sanitary napkins 1 Box 3000 Pcs<br />25 Toiletries 1 Box<br />26 OBH Junior 500 Pcs<br />27 Soap 3000 Pcs<br />28 Toothbrush 1329 Pcs<br />29 Toothpaste 3000 Pcs<br />30 Washing soap 2000 Pcs<br />31 Shampoo 3000 Pcs<br />32 Racing cooked 600 Pcs<br /><br />Note : The goods are available, but the number would be limited as the required. <br /> There are lot thing that we can do. Hopefully we can help 10.000 survivors. The aid in from of goods could be deliver at KARINAKAS office ; Kompleks Realino Jl. Affandi/Gejayan Yogyakarta-55281<br /><br />YAKKUM Emergency Unit (YEU)<br /> YEU has conduct the coordination with the village government of Hargobinangun, Pakem, Sleman dan Desa Sidorejo, Kemalang, Klaten to help the refuges.<br /> YEU also engage the Organsisasi Rakyat Tanggap Bencana (ORA) to handled the refuges.<br /> YEU in cooperation with SAMPOERNA and TAGANA provide food for refuges in Oasis center.<br /> YEU with SAMPOERNA and GKJ Sawo Kembar built management camp equipped with health equipment and clean equipment, emergency kitchen and public toilet facilities, for refuges in Oasis, Hargobinangun, Pakem, Sleman to cover 500 person.<br /> YEU has provide health services in Srumbung, Magelang, Sleman, dan Kabupaten Klaten that supported by Bethesda Hospital and Panti WILOSO Hospital.<br /> YEU has distributed lot things are:<br />No Item Number Beneficiaries (area evakuasi)<br />1 Eucalyptus oil 9 DIOS<br />2 Sanitary napkins 5 packs DIOS<br />3 Pampers 7 packs DIOS<br />4 Mat 124 Sawangan, DIOS<br />5 Masker 1500 pieces Sawangan, DIOS<br />6 Mineral water 30 boxes DIOS<br />7 Blanket 165 DIOS<br /><br /><br />Dompet Dhuafa<br /> To reduce the impact of Merapi eruption, for the refuges National Radio of Indonesia (RRI) along Dompet Dhuafa get cooperation in “Radio Based Disaster Risk Reduction” program. The opening broadcast started at the late of Sunday(31/10), from Studio Pro1 RRI Yogyakarta, Kotabaru. The agenda guided by Bung John Sidik and coordinator of RBDRR Herdiansah has the enthusiastic acceptance from the public. There are lot of SMS and feed back from the public in the program.<br /> Central bases of Dompet Dhuafa from Merapi Eruption get on moving to reach the spot that doesn’t even reached by humanitarian aid before. In the evaluation of meeting Saturday night (30/10), agreed that would be establish 20 sub¬¬-central base in various spot of evacuation camps.<br /> The central base expected as the center of local logistic warehouse and the central for many humanitarian activities such as emergency school, kids zone and other.<br />World Vision Indonesia<br />28 October 2010<br />• WVI has distributed 11.000 masker in region of Sleman dan Magelang.<br />• The result of assessment by WVI: water need in Sleman has fairly enough. Local government company of water on that region just provide 5000 ltr water for 39 location.<br />• But WVI still get the assessment in Klaten and Kab.Boyolali couse the lack of data in evacuation camps. The data of children in Sleman will be attached in the next report (including the plan).<br />• Recommendation: children need in that identified are : sleep bag , masker (kid size), baby equepment, family equipment, blanket, bath room, biscuit for baby.<br />• The other recommendation is providing plastic bag, trash can in evacuation camps.<br /><br />27 Oktober 2010<br />• WVI visit 7 evacuation camps in Kab. Sleman and as the centre of coordination in that district.<br />• Beside, WVI also visit Magelang district where 1500 people live in camps in Tanjung (2 km from Borobudur), the centre of coordination in central java located at Magelang and the first coordination meeting held by DRR DIY held by KESBANGPOLINMAS DIY.<br />• But WVI still get the assessment in Klaten and Kab.Boyolali couse the lack of data in evacuation camps. The data of children in Sleman will be attached in the next report (including the plan).<br />• Recommendation: children need that identified are : sleep bag , masker (kid size), baby equepment, family equipment, blanket, bath room, biscuit for baby.<br />• The other recommendation is providing plastic bag, trash can in evacuation camps.<br /><br />26 Oktober 2010<br />• WVI get the assessment in Hargobinangun located at 12 kilometer from the mountain. The result is ashes still cover this area. 26 Oktober 2010 at 11.00 WIB. in Kaliurang Timur there are 1167 person, in West Kaliurang 1350 person, in South Kaliurang 900 person, di Boyong 500 person and in Banten 300 person. Totally number of refuges in Hargobinangun is 4217 person. <br />• The other result : aid will be directly deliver to local government in second days and thirth days. Masker didistributed fro every person but just for one days. The electricity in the camps fairly enough., helath center also has established.<br />• WVI carried 15.000 masker from Jakarta to Yogjakarta, and enough 1000 house.<br />• Asseesment has done in Sleman DIY, and three other district will be held up coming 27 Oktober 2010 .<br />• Transportation in evacuation camps fairly enough <br />• Recommendation: distribution of masker ( will be held in 27 October 2010), and should be identified need as soon as possible. Hopefully, baby equipment could distributed.<br /><br />VI. Contact Information<br /><br />Lembaga Penanggulangan Bencana Muhammadiyah (LPBM/MDMC)<br /> Alamat : Jl KHA Dahlan 103 Yogyakarta<br /> Tim Lapangan (MDMC Magelang- Warga Dukun)<br /> Asroni +62 813 2804 1771 <br /> Tolani +62 818 2555 76<br /> (MDMC Jawa Tengah) <br /> Naibul Umum +62 813 2709 4691 umam.ekosakti@gmail.com <br /> MDMC Pusat – Kantor Yogyakarta<br /> Budi Santosa +62 856 4386 7371 budihope@yahoo.com <br /> Arif Nur Kholis +62 813 9228 5384<br />www.mdmc.or.id<br /><br /> Karina KWI<br />Alamat Kantor : Kompleks Realino Jl. Affandi/Gejayan Yogyakarta-55281<br />Karina Keuskupan Agung Semarang<br />Yohanes Baskoro +62 813 2871 3052 y.basskoro@gmail.com<br />Ary Ananta Prasetya (Anank) +62 813 2807 6089 ank62jogja@yahoo.co.id<br />Untuk wilayah Paroki Sumber:<br />Fredericus Gunawan +62 857 2946 5832 gunawanfredericus@gmail.com <br />Stefanus Haryadi (Harco) +62 856 2858 926 harco_egspi@yahoo.co.id <br /><br />YAKKUM Emergency Unit (YEU)<br />Posko Utama<br />YEU Training Center “Disaster Oasis”<br />Jln. Kaliurang Km 21,5, Dusun Panggeran, Desa Hargobinangun Pakem, Sleman<br />Yakkum Emergency Unit<br />Jalan Kaliurang Km. 12 Dusun Candi III No 34 RW 06<br />Sardonoharjo, Ngaglik, Sleman Yogyakarta 55581<br />0274-882477<br />Dita Novirani +62 813 2846 3384 ditakecil@yahoo.com <br />Sari Mutia Timur +62 812 2692 094 sari_mt@yahoo.com<br />Arshinta +62 812 2958 869 arshinta_2000@yahoo.com <br /><br />World Vision Indonesia<br /> Alfred Anakotta +62 852 3941 7412 <br />Fadli Usman +62 812 3002 506<br /><br /><br />Humanitarian Forum Indonesia<br /> Whisnu Yonar +62 815 1178 0606 wyonar@gmail.com <br />Surya Rahman M +62 813 6046 9344 surya.rahman.muhammad@gmail.com<br />Sekilas Gambar<br />



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